8-10 years

Flood and Fang

Utterly me, Clarice Bean, Lauren Child

Clarice is completely fed up with her family and not overly fond of her teacher. Mum nags, Dad complains about work and  her brother is  ‘utterly a nuisance’ . Utterly me is an unsentimental view of childhood which tackles a child’s feeling of restriction, boredom and frustration with siblings and friends, as well as conveying the excitment of discovering unexpected friendships and one’s own power to change things. Clarice Bean is a delight and irresistable whether you are eight or eighty.




Flood and Fang, Marcus Sedgwick

Strange things are happening in Castle Otherhand. Kitchen maids are going missing, the castle is beginning to flood and who, or what, is the owen of the black tail that Edgar spots under the rhubarb plants?

Can Edgar, an underappreciated and much maligned raven, convince the other members of the Otherhand family to help him solve this mystery before it is too late!